Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Epistle for Insane Times...

'ello, kiddies! After much resistance I've chose to forgo my more snobbish, puritanical tendencies and embrace the new age draped in a new flesh (resuscitating this few years passed corpse in the process). Standing in opposition to the modern rock writ scree which masquerades under a light cloak with a frail press release body underneath, you'll see no herculean hyperbole here; just the facts, jack! Rabid fandom prevails for us eternal fanboys blessed with future youth, and this space will contain nothing but truth-laced torrents of enthusiasm.

Thee preferred medium maintains to be print pages, but when sumthin' doesn't fit the codes of fine publications like Ugly Things, Shindig!, Flashback, Galactic Zoo Dossier, Bananas Magazine and the like, but I'm still seam-burstin' to spill, this'll be the place, ace!

And, maybe, you'll get turned onto friens (sic) contributing worthy words to the digital melee from time to time as well.

Stay tuned...

note energy (\ˈnōt\ \ˈe-nər-jē\ )
:spiritual sustenance provided by the perfect combination of notes and words, bringing about the sensation of excitation

Awaken with me now...

(ahem)...If be you the sort that transits in digital, please drop your sounds here for my perusal >>>

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